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Best of Palawan is a dive liveaboard expedition to best Islands in Palawan and also the Best in whole world



EL NIDO is a world wide known as the Best Island in the World, we will explore and let you experience the most pristine beach, we will also let you experience a day tour to the Blue Secret lagoon in EL NIDO Palawan. 

CORON is tropical Island in the province of Palawan Philippines, that is best known for world class WWII-era wreck diving, though the area also offers lime stone karst landscapes, crystal clear fresh water lakes and shallow water coral reef. 


BUASUANGA SAFARI - Calauit Safari Park is a wildlife sanctuary in the Philippines which was originally created in 1976 as a game reserve featuring large African mammals, translocated there under the orders of the President Ferdinand Marcos during his 21-year rule of the country.[1][2]

Today, populations of Reticulated giraffe and Grévy's zebra still roam the park, while the populations of WaterbuckCommon ElandImpalaTopiBushbuck, and Thomson’s gazelle have died out. But an expansion of the program initiated by local officials in the 1980s to conserve indigenous species has resulted in the successful conservation of Calamian deerPalawan bearded pigPhilippine crocodilePhilippine porcupineBinturong, and Philippine mouse-deer.

The park is located in Calauit Island, a 3,700-hectare (9,100-acre) island in the Calamian Islands chain that lies off the coast of Palawan in the Mimaropa region of the Philippines.

APO REEF -  Second to non other than "The Great"

Ever heard of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the largest contiguous reef system in the world? Bet you didn't know the world's second largest is located in our own country, the Philippines? Yes, Apo Reef is second to Australia's Great Barrier Reef and Philippine's largest reef system. This reef and its surrounding waters are protected areas collectively known as Apo Reef Natural Park (ARNP).

(word by: Dan Hernandez)

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