Coopers Dive Center

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COOPERS DIVE CENTER PALAWAN is a full service Dive Center located inside the vicinity of COOPERS BEACH RESORT. Diving always start from our beach, so there is less hassle traveling before and and after the trip.

         COOPERS DIVE CENTER PALAWAN is equipped with well maintained dive gear and tanks. We always ensure you get the best rental equipment, cleanest air and highest level of security. Our dive guides take pride of making your dive experience be your best dive holiday.

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         COOPERS DIVE CENTER PALAWAN also offers fun activities for non divers like boat trip, Island  Tour  and snorkeling activities. And through DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING PROGRAM we are glad to show case and introduce non divers to the under water world.

         Dive Courses are available for those who want to upgrade their certifications or for those who want to learn to dive.

Coopers Dive Center Palawan (1).jpg