El Nido Ocean Suites - A Floating Hotel

Looking for a unique Beach/Waterfront accommodations? We’ll do you one better. Imagine this: Lazing in your private slice of paradise in the worlsd as the sound and motion of the tide lull you to sleep. This isn’t some far-fetched fantasy or the beginning of your favorite meditation tape but rather the reality at floating hotels

Coopers Beach Resort
Coopers Bridge
Beach Resort in Palawan



+63 917 622 7975 / +63 917 722 7976

 DIVE RESORT:  Barangay Lucbuan, Puerto Princesa City,                                     Palawan 5300 , Philippines

 DIVE SHOP :     Ground Floor, Aquari Traveller's Suite

                           Junction 1, Barangay San Miguel

                           Puerto Princesa City, Palawan 

                           800 meters from the Airport.                                                                            

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